Millions of People are Talking. Are You Listening?

Every seconds, people is having their words out through discussion boards, blogs and social medias. They spend a few hours each day getting in touch with their friends, family or even strangers sharing some interesting topics. A lot of discussions are raised regarding products or brands they find interesting to talk about, either good or bad conversation.

Brand monitoring is an essential task for companies. It is happening when people talked about our brands, it is always behind our backs and chances to find out about it, is very low or impossible at all.

Internet technology has allowed information and communication spread very easily. In minutes, you might find the dialogues about your brand have nested to tree-view comments. Instead of ignoring, it is better to take a responsive action in observing or participate in it. Just be noticed that any action you do will have impact on your brand.

What you can aim when investing on online marketing strategy are mentioned in the following table.

Objective Description
Understanding Markets Listen to the conversation and direct positive or negative feedbacks to gain deep and real insights
Product Innovation Developing ideas in building new products or existing product updates
Brand Management Monitor your brands to manage better brand awareness and value
Tracking & Measurement Analyze and evaluate brand awareness, value and word of mouth

The web is already ‘mature’ to apply your brand marketing strategy. It’s already crowded with people. They talk and discuss about everything. It’s only your decision to ignore or listen to them.

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